Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Teaching... my favorite thing to do! I will just need to lay low for 3 weeks, then I'll be back!

I have been teaching different art classes for over 30 years. I simply love to help others create something special! Today I took on another Quilt Shop ( Keepsake Cottage ) in Bothell, it was really fun and a great place to teach! So now you will see me in Kirkland and Bothell!

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I think meeting new ladies, and then being able to see old friends each month when I teach ...makes it the perfect job. Now you probably noticed that I now have a stool beside me. I had to get that last week, so that I could get my weight off of my knees when I am teaching. I found out last week that I have a meniscus tear on each knee. It happened when I had my car accident in June. I just kept wondering how my knees could be going bad both at the same time?

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So tomorrow...I will go in for Arthroscopic surgery on both knees so... I will be down for awhile.
I am a bit discouraged about having surgery but..I don't want to be hurting any more either so... we will do it!
I have many blessings... so that is where I need to focus my energies, well on that... and on healing and getting my knees stronger.

Since I won't be able to do stairs for 4 days... we brought our recliner downstairs, got my Chicken Soup Quilt and a good stash of yarn, so...I think we are ready and I'll be fine!
 Good Night dear friends!
I like the quote " By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of Others."

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