Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tough couple of days!

 I have been trying hard to get things organized,
figured out and ready to start off this new year right.
 It has been a long time since I have written in my blog, one of the biggest reasons is that my computer is acting up all the time now. Tonight I will try to write this quick!
I have been doing this blog for 8 years and have truly shared some of the toughest lessons that I have learned in my life.
 This past year I have been up against something a bit bigger than me. I hesitate to mention it because I am not sure exactly how I am handling it. I have been warned about it for years and although I know that it is just a normal part of a Woman's life, it has been a tough one for me. Menopause!!!
Menopause was something that I watched my Mom struggle through and even though I am much older to start going through it than her... still I am beginning to understand why so many women dread even the word.
I realize also that every woman goes through it at different times and through different degrees, but I am sure a few things are just the same for each of us.
My emotions are changing a bit more than I would like. My internal thermostat is changing just about as fast... but only from Hot to Cold. My body is changing and not for the better and that is making it tough on a daily basis. Now before you call or email me of all the things I could be taking....thank you in advance but as a 2 time Cancer Survivor, I can not take them. So I am trying all the other natural things I can try.
I went to get a massage the other day at a new place and the secretary was a man. When he asked if I wanted the massage therapist to heat up the table before I got in there and I casually said " No thank you, I have my own internal heating pad turned on most of the time", he just smiled.
As I finished my paper work and turned it in to him, he smiled again and said " I am a 2 time survivor". I looked at him and said " I am glad for you....what type of Cancer did you have?"
His reply was " Oh I meant a two time survivor of Menopause! I survived my Mom and my wife!"
So I guess he said it all :)
Sunday night I started getting some terrible back pain and nausea, it went on for the rest of the night and all day yesterday. It started to scare me, because I couldn't figure out what it was. Many times in my life, my back has hurt so bad that it makes me sick to my stomach, but this felt different. After a bad day and into the evening it finally dawned on me that this is exactly how I felt last February when I had Kidney Stones. So the last 2 days have truly been tough. I keep drinking and drinking hoping to flush them out and pray that I can do it on my own and not have to go to the hospital. I started feeling better later this afternoon.
Today two dear friends came by and brought me an amazing dinner, fresh flowers and this beautiful snowflake garland. So even though it has been a tough two couple of days I realize that I am blessed and have much to be grateful for.
I have missed talking to you dear friends.
Good Night!

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