Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Even with a full shopping cart, it was a Bigger Than Me Day!

I woke up this morning with my heart aching! I was sad. It kind of surprised me, that is not how I usually feel. I normally can hardly wait to wake up because I have so many great things I want to do with my day. I usually wake up happy and very grateful for each new day that I get. I usually realize how full and blessed my life is, but today was different. I tried all the things that I know my Mom would have told me to do today...if she were still here. I said my prayers and prayed to know what was wrong, I listed all my blessings down, I read my scriptures and I also did some service and still my heart just kept aching. I felt like bawling all day but didn't ( probably should have ).
 I had a visit from a dear friend and it felt good when she was here, but then the feeling came right back. 
I called a couple of friends and they convinced me that I was just tired from all the excitement of the last 2 weeks. That was probably a big part of it. My house has been full and happy for the last 2 weeks with kids home and getting ready for Lee and Caitlin's wedding reception. Now everyone has gone home and my house is quite ( too quite ). So I think missing my kids is a big part of it too!
But then it goes a bit deeper than that, I am overwhelmed at how far I still have to go on really getting LynnMade out there with a lot of visibility. We have started...but only scratched the surface on all we need to do to make this Business really soar. I think I am a bit overwhelmed at all that needs to be done. Probably I feel overwhelmed because it is all the Social Media stuff that I really don't understand much. This seems like I have bitten off more than I can chew! 
Also I am mourning a loss of a dear friend, there seems to be a hole in my heart that can't completely heal. After almost 40 years together, I guess that might be a normal feeling?
I am also still in the mess of trying to get to appointments for Physical Therapy, after this car accident and now we just found out that the person who ran the red light and hit me, is now saying they weren't claiming to be at fault at all. I don't like having to deal with those sort of things. Plus, it is just hard to hurt so much again!
Well, I didn't sit down and have a good cry, I just kept going today, I kept praying and kept counting and recounting the many, many blessings I have. 
We had someone over for dinner tonight and that felt good. I dropped a treat off to a dear friend and their family...that felt good.
I even video taped another free video for LynnMade.com ..and that felt good.
 Then I read this wonderful talk that I found HERE:
and I realized that I felt a bit better. 
Perspective is a wonderful thing! It was ok to had a tough day, everyone has them. But remembering that my Heavenly Father knows me, and is aware of my good days as well as my bad days, is quite a comforting feeling!
How grateful I am to remember to see the bigger picture. How grateful I am to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always there with me.. so that I don't have to do any Bigger Than Me Days alone! That makes me smile!

Good Night dear friends!

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