Friday, June 10, 2016

38 years and counting!

I am so behind on writing in my blog, that I am not sure where to begin. So for now, I will just start for today and catch up a little at a time.
We got home from the wedding trip on Tuesday night and yesterday and today, I just worked on the house, unpacking, laundry and cleaning. Then I took down all my Spring decorations and put up 4th of July decorations. I love those decorations, because it means that Summer is really here.
Jeff's car broke down a few days ago and so as soon as he gets home from work, he has been working on it. But tonight, he took a break and asked me out for dinner, what's the occassion you might ask? Well, 38 years ago today...Jeff asked me out on our first date! We went to a movie and then dinner. We ate at a Pizza Hut and all I can remember is that when he said goodbye that night, he kissed me on the forehead. I knew in that moment he was a true gentleman and that I was falling for him fast!
So tonight on this beautiful evening, we went out for Pizza and a Salad. No, not a Pizza Hut... but at one of our favorite places MOD Pizza!
#time #love #life:

What a blessing to be able to still go on Date Nights...with my Best Friend for 38 years now, and counting!
Good Night dear friends!
Marriage Advice, 1886: friendship, courtesy, bending, and children.:

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