Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Because Halloween fell on Sunday this year, our granddaughters went Trick or Treating yesterday. So tonight, we all just had a Family dinner and we let the girls give out the candy to the Trick or Treaters so, they got the best of both worlds. It is cute to see all the little kids in their fun costumes, luckily the Trick or Treaters got the  perfect weather for it tonight.

We are sure missing Brad and Krystal for these family events. Having them so far away is tough, especially during the Holidays!!!! But they are almost done with school, and we are sure proud of them for that.  So Happy Halloween dear friends! I hope you know that it is my TREAT to know you!

jenny lady bug  _MG_2898

"Tonight is the night When dead leaves fly Like witches on switches Across the sky, When elf and sprite Flit through the night On a moony sheen. Tonight is the night When leaves make a sound Like a gnome in his home Under the ground, When spooks and trolls Creep out of holes Mossy and green. Tonight is the night When pumpkins stare Through sheaves and leaves Everywhere, When ghouls and ghost And goblin host Dance round their queen. It's Halloween. " 

"A grandmother pretends she does not know who you are on Halloween." ~ Erma Bombeck

"Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story." ~ Mason Cooley

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