Saturday, September 20, 2008

"'Making mistakes...

I hope the old saying "MAKING MISTAKES SIMPLY MEANS YOU ARE LEARNING FASTER."  is really true. I went to the Doctor this week to get my test results on my blood work and to see if my Mono is gone. Let's just say, one of my numbers on the blood work was 300 and it was suppose to be 18 sooooooooooooo ....I obviously need to get more rest in order to beat this virus.

I was very discouraged but not surprised at all, I keep HITTING THE WALL several times a day.I was really upset when I told my Dr. about the walking and he asked me not to do that for a while, so that I could give my body a chance to renew itself. He said even though walking is a great form of exercise,  it is just too taxing on my body right now and that is why I have been MORE TIRED than usual.

So at the young age of 49, I begin again to try and figure out how to really listen to my body and how to balance life, motherhood and time better.I do need to get healthier and so... for the next 6 weeks I am going to put life on hold and see if I just pamper this tired little body, so I can finally beat this Mono once and for all. I guess the saying "WE NEED TO BE PATIENT AND EXPECT SOME DISCOURAGEMENT AND FAILURES ALONG THE WAY." is true too!

I am just thankful for a Dr. who knows what he is doing, a family who is more than willing to help out and friends who still love me even though... much of our friendship has been slowed down because of my health. And my own new quote has to be "LEAVE EVERYTHING FOR THE NEXT 6 WEEKS WHICH CAN BE DONE TODAY."

Life is still... really good!

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*b said...


Just wanted to check up on you and let you know I'm thinking of you like usual!

Does your downtime include a pedicure? I'd be happy to pick you up again...

Let me know.