Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How you make Others feel!

We are working on my Mission Statement now for our LynnMade business . I saw this quote the other day and it felt like the person who wrote this...knew my heart. This is exactly how I want my business to be. Actually, this is exactly how I would like my life to be!
There are so many things to do as I prepare this business to launch, I feel overwhelmed to say the least. Still the bottom line is I hope that I can make a difference in the world, through my classes. Sounds a bit corny doesn't it? But it's true!:)

I went tonight to have a LynnMade Rubber Stamp made, it was fun talking to the young girl who worked there as we waited for the stamp to be made. She was only 17 but very sweet. As we talked about my business, she said that her Grandmother had taught her how to quilt....just the way she talked you could tell how much she loved her Grandmother! I love to see when good things get passed down from generation to generation!
We kept trying size after size! This sweet sewing machine (which is upside down ) was the part that Lauren drew! How grateful I am for such talented kids ( who help their Mother )!
Good Night dear friends!

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